Probably the Quadro K5200 and K4200 cards will replace for the M5000 and M4000 respectively. The Quadro M6000 was the first Maxwell 2 generation of Quadro cards. Packing a fully-enabled GM200 GPU and 12GB of RAM released March 2015. And of course Maxwell 1 ended up in the Quadro K2200. To refresh with Maxwell 2,

Nvidia Quadro graphics cards Family specifications Quadro K6000 Quadro K5200 Quadro K5000 Quadro K4200 Quadro K4000 Quadro K2200 Quadro K2000/ K2000D* Quadro K620 Quadro K600 Quadro K420 Quadro 410 # CUDA Cores 2880 2304 1536 1344 768 640 384 384 192 192 192 Single Precision (TFLO Ps) 5.2 3.1 2.2 2.1 1.2 1.3 0.733 0.813


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