AMD FirePro W9100 with 32GB model

Thursday, 28 April 2016 by

In the world of design and engineering, why would you need a GPU with 32GB memory more than the system memory (RAM) of a typical CAD workstation? Due to increasingly demanding Virtual Reality (VR) workflows, which not only push the computational limits of GPU hardware, but can place huge demands on memory size and memory

Next to FirePro S9050 and S9150 server GPUs, AMD’s FirePro S9170 packed with 32gb GPU   FirePro S9050 FirePro S9150 FirePro S9170 Codename Tahiti PRO Hawaii XT Grenada XT Cores 1792 2816 2816 Core Clock 900MHz 900MHz 930MHz Memory 12GB 16GB 32GB Memory Bus 384-bit 512-bit 512-bit Memory Clock 1375MHz 1375MHz 1375MHz Memory Bandwidth 264GB/s 320GB/s


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