Broadwell offers 2400MHz DDR4 memory and 44 percent performance boost One particular model is best for workstations: the 12-core, 3GHz, E5-2687W v4 chip HP INC  updated its HP Z desktop workstation portfolio with Intel’s newly-announced Xeon E5-2600 v4 processors. Available immediately, the updated workstation models comprise the Z440, Z640 and Z840, which represent HP’s entry-level,

Next to FirePro S9050 and S9150 server GPUs, AMD’s FirePro S9170 packed with 32gb GPU   FirePro S9050 FirePro S9150 FirePro S9170 Codename Tahiti PRO Hawaii XT Grenada XT Cores 1792 2816 2816 Core Clock 900MHz 900MHz 930MHz Memory 12GB 16GB 32GB Memory Bus 384-bit 512-bit 512-bit Memory Clock 1375MHz 1375MHz 1375MHz Memory Bandwidth 264GB/s 320GB/s

Compared to non-gaming graphics card, AMD FirePro S9170 Compute Card Packs 32GB Of Memory. The difference here is that AMD’s card is designed strictly for compute purposes (it doesn’t have video outputs), while NVIDIA’s catering to both compute and content creation with its Quadro M6000. NVIDIA sees those involved in simulation, automotive design, seismic exploration,

Dell Precision M6800 for Multi-CAD Environment

Wednesday, 17 February 2016 by

Dell Precision m6800 built as a heavy duty portable desktop Workstation.  Though it’s technically a laptop, it weighs in at almost 8 lbs.  The good news is that it is built to run virtually all CAD programs. There are a many ways of possible configurations to work with to optimize this moveable workstation for PTC

Intel CPUs: Xeon E5 vs Core i7

Tuesday, 01 December 2015 by

Introduction If you take a close look at the certified configurations you will find that while we are a high-end custom PC builder, we actually only have a single system that utilizes the Intel Core i7 High End processors. We don’t have any problems with the Core i7 High End CPUs, we simply feel that there

Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan updates

Friday, 20 November 2015 by

OS X 10.11 El Capitan is the next version of OS X, succeeding Yosemite improves stability, compatibility and security in graphics, Mail, Wi-Fi, Calendar, USB, Notes, Photos, Spotlight, and networking in previous versions. When used with iOS 9.2 beta, the El Capitan beta supports Wi-Fi Calling with AT&T’s Number Sync feature as well. The update

The Dell Mobile Workstation series. 1. Thin and light workstations: Precision 3510 and 5510 2. Power workstations Dell Precision M series: Precision 7510 and 7710 The Dell Precision T series. 1. Tower workstations: T3620 (regular tower) ready to roll out (Previous generation T3610) 2. Small Form Factor: T3420(Previous generation T1700)   Lighter Precision Workstation: In

Probably the Quadro K5200 and K4200 cards will replace for the M5000 and M4000 respectively. The Quadro M6000 was the first Maxwell 2 generation of Quadro cards. Packing a fully-enabled GM200 GPU and 12GB of RAM released March 2015. And of course Maxwell 1 ended up in the Quadro K2200. To refresh with Maxwell 2,

Quadro VCA (2015) The high-end network-attached render server VCA specializes in very high performance remote rendering jobs, packing in multiple GPUs into a single server box, with further scale-out capabilities to multiple VCA boxes via 10GigE and Infiniband. Specification: The cards have 12GB per GPU and are fully enabled, giving the entire VCA some 96GB

NVIDIA Quadro M6000 GPU

Monday, 20 July 2015 by

GM200, fully enabled GPU: All 3072 CUDA cores are enabled, and with a maximum clockspeed of 1.14GHz the card is capable of pushing 7 TFLOPs of single precision performance. Coupled with the card is GM200’s double-sized ROP clusters, giving M6000 96 ROPs and better than 2x the pixel throughput of the outgoing K6000. NVIDIA’s GPU


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