Nvidia Announces Quadro M5000 & M4000 Video cards

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Probably the Quadro K5200 and K4200 cards will replace for the M5000 and M4000 respectively.

The Quadro M6000 was the first Maxwell 2 generation of Quadro cards. Packing a fully-enabled GM200 GPU and 12GB of RAM released March 2015.

And of course Maxwell 1 ended up in the Quadro K2200.

To refresh with Maxwell 2, after the release of the M6000, Nvidia releases with the Quadro M5000 and Quadro M4000.

NVIDIA Quadro Specification Comparison
  Quadro M5000 Quadro M4000 Quadro K5200 Quadro K4200
CUDA Cores 2048 1664 2304 1344
Boost Clock ~1050MHz ~780MHz 650MHz 780MHz
Memory Clock 6.6GHz GDDR5 6GHz GDDR5 6GHz GDDR5 5.4GHz GDDR5
Memory Bus Width 256-bit 256-bit 256-bit 256-bit
FP64 1/32 1/32 1/24 1/24
TDP 150W 120W 150W 105W
GPU GM204? GM204 GK110 GK104
Architecture Maxwell 2 Maxwell 2 Kepler Kepler
Size Double-Slot Single-Slot Double-Slot Single-Slot
4Kp60 Displays Supported 4 4 2 2


Quadro M5000:

We believe the M5000 to be based on GM204, given the CUDA core and memory bus configuration. M5000 would be a fully enabled GM204 card, featuring all 2048 CUDA cores and the full 256-bit memory bus, essentially making this the Quadro version of the GeForce GTX 980.

M5000 features DRAM soft ECC support, allowing for error correction on the DRAM. 8GB of GDDR5 clocked at a slightly more conservative 6.6GHz.

A 150W TDP allows M5000 to more easily work in lower power workstations where only a single 6-pin PCIe power connection is available.

Quadro M5000 is allowing the M5000 to drive four 4K displays – twice as many as K5200 – and real-time HEVC encoding.


Nvidia Quadro M4000

The M4000 this features 8GB of VRAM – twice as much as the K4200 – this time clocked at 6GHz, however without the soft ECC support of the higher-end Quadro cards.

The TDP on the M4000 is 120W. The previous Quadro K4200 was a 105W card. The card is rated for 2.6 TFLOPs of FP32 performance, which puts the maximum clockspeed at around 780MHz, so we expect that performance will be greatly improved over the K4200.

Like past Quadro 4000 cards, the M4000 is a single slot design with  a 4x DisplayPort design.



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