About Us


Globalnettech is a Workstation, Laptops & Mac Rental Company. We rent high performance computing solutions for the professional mark.

Founded in 2009 as a Laptop Rental Company we have grown at a tremendously fast rate and are now one of the prominent workstation rental company in India.

We target a number of industry sectors including Computer Aided Design (CAD), computer Aided engineering (CAE), Computer Aided Manufacturing(CAM), Digital Content Creation (DCC), Visual Effects (VFX), Animation, Film/Broadcast, Education, Science, Research, Game Development, Post Production and many more.

Our unique integration of the world’s latest computing technologies allows us to produce the ultimate high performance experience, enhancing both the productivity and creativity of today’s industry professionals.

Our high performance computer workstation & powerful multi-core rendering systems power a variety of creative, design and manufacturing organizations’. These range from large multi-national companies to freelance designers & digital artists (Architecture / Engineering / Construction (AEC), Automotive, Aviation, Medical Imaging, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Visual Simulation, GIS & Mapping, Oil/Gas, Game Development, Visual Effects (VFX), Broadcast/Film Animation, Virtual Set Design, Compositing, Digital Editing & Publishing.


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